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Tae Kwon Do in Silver Spring MD 20906

Weapon . Hapkido. Gymnastics

Self-Defense Class

Attention Dragon Family:

I hope everyone is doing well during these rough times.

Make sure everyone is following the health guidelines

and please stay safe.

As you know, currently we are in phase two of this emergency state.

Even though we have the green light to open, because you and your familes health and safety are our priorities we will continue to monitor and hopefully by phase 3 we shall be able to see you then.

Don't forget to always wear a mask and sanitize your hands.

Our children are the FUTURE! Providing a better foundation for growing minds helps ensure stability

and maturity. Here at Dragon martial arts, Master Yong makes it his mission to change kids lives,

one class at a time. Dragon Martial Arts believes "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE"! Its our mission to

find every possible solution to every problem.

Your mind is a powerful weapon yearning for direction!! *START HERE*

Nuestro objetivo es las técnicas contra

la intimidación,

la aptitud, la mejora de la concentración y

la determinación,

la práctica de las habilidades sociales y

el respeto por los demás,

y el aprendizaje de la autodefensa con

la diversión. 

12357 Georgia ave. silver

spring md 20906

Glenmont shopping center

301 929 0500

Best TAE KWON DO and

Self -defense school

in silver spring MD