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Fitness Of Mind As Well As Body

The tremendous physical training is only part of the ultimate goal of TaeKwonDo training. The true focus is on the harnessing of human potential, the power each of us possess but rarely ever tap. If TaeKwonDo is to be called an art of self defense, then its goal is best described in this manner: the best self defense is that of a serene, self-contained person, at peace with himself and the world around him.

This type of personal development emphasizes but is not limited to the development of mental discipline, emotional self-restraint and a philosophy of kindness, humility and strong moral character. One who has mastered TaeKwonDo is a powerful but gentle individual.

“Knowledge in the brain, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body” is a motto that martial artists around the world share. TaeKwonDo’s quest is to spread its logic, goodness, and philosophy for the cause of world peace.

  • Health – TaeKwonDo’s physical benefits include aerobic fitness, weight control, flexibility,

  • coordination, strength, and release of tension.
  • Self Defense (Mental & Physical).
    • A STRONG MIND IS THE FIRST LINE OF SELF DEFENSE. Master Yong’s program will
    • give you: increased energy, self confidence, self-control, humility, discipline
    • , concentration, and will cultivate within you a deep love and respect of others. As
    • Master Yong has said, “The person who can defeat others with flashy techniques but is
    • without love towards his fellow man will in the end defeat himself.”
    • LEARN TO USE YOUR ENTIRE BODY AS A WEAPON. Master Yong’s program will teach
    • you comprehensive self defense techniques including kicking, punching, throwing,
    • grappling, join locking, jumping, falling, dodging, and some weaponry. Learn to move
    • efficiently and smoothly in order to defend yourself against a possible attacker.
  • Self Discipline And Respect. Learn control of mind and body via the practice of a variety
  • of physical training and respect for oneself and others.

  • Courtesy. Master Yong teaches “intimacy does not justify lack of courtesy among family
  • and friends”. Students of TaeKwonDo will increase their skill in dealing with others, as a
  • result of increased self esteem and respect for others.

  • A Family Activity. Master Yong program is especially designed to make learning and
  • progressing easier for everyone regardless of age, sex, or size. Grandparents through
  • grandchildren can easily practice together at their individual need and pace.
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